chinese大陆年轻小帅 foot cream, made with natural ingredients, can
help you get smooth feet. chinese大陆年轻小帅 cream is made with
organic ingredients that all aim to moisturize the skin
and help it build a protective layer.

chinese大陆年轻小帅 foot cream

Cream that exfoliates

chinese大陆年轻小帅 Foot Cream hydrates and exfoliates extremely dry, rough and damaged skin. Infused with soothing peppermint oil, it has a guaranteed relief formula that provides a change on a cellular level and smooths and softens the skin.

The water-activated formula

This special foot cream formula uses the remaining water on the freshly showered skin to deliver hydration and ceramides like never before.

How to apply

Apply the foot cream to your feet at bedtime and after bathing, as that time is the most effective time for moisturizing dry skin faster, because while we sleep the skin regenerates itself and acts as a sponge to the cream.

More ingredients

Coconut oil

It contains powerful antioxidants and proteins essential for good skin. Prevents cracking, aging and wrinkling. Small molecular structure allows it to penetrate deep into skin tissues, treating many skin disorders.

Aloe Vera

It is a soothing moisturizer, it has a multitude of antioxidants that prevent free radical formation, increases availability of oxygen to skin and is anti-viral. It rejuvenates the skin and softens the tissues.


About our product

  1. Foot nursing cream

  2. Great, all natural scent

  3. Hydrates and softens the skin

  4. With vanilla, jasmine and shea butter

  5. Massage onto clean skin, working into dry areas

Price: € 32

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